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SVF Four Piston Actuator

The SVF “Quad 4 TM” quarter-turn rack & pinion actuator is a four piston actuator which generates torque around a centrally located pinion, giving more than double the torque of single & double rack & pinion actuator designs. The increased number of pistons allows their diameter to be reduced while maintaining its high torque, allowing the reduced size of the actuator.

  • Internally anodized body for corrosion resistance
  • Available in Spring Return (QS) and Double Acting (QD) models
  • ISO 5211 bottom flange for valve automation
  • NAMUR output drive for installation of limit switches and positioners
  • Bi-Directional Stroke Adjustment
  • 1/4” NPT air inlet manifold
  • NAMUR interface for mounting of solenoid valve

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