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SB79 Ball Valve

The SVF CleanFLOW™ SB79 Hastelloy ball valves are engineered to be a true process piping component to specifically meet the demanding processes found in the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries. The “Tube-ID” port opening is dimensionally identical to the adjacent tubing to comply with ASME-BPE guidelines.

  • Three-Piece CleanFLOW™ Hastelloy Ball Valve, ASME-BPE compliant, Sizes 1/2” ~ 6”
  • Drainable design with “Tube-ID” dimensions
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad for easy automation
  • Encapsulated body seals to facilitate welding without disassembly
  • End connections include Tri-Clamp and Extended Tube O.D.
  • ETO ends are designed for orbital welding
  • Exclusive “Fine Adjust” handle for precise positioning

Series Type(s): Hygienic/Sanitary/CleanFlow Series

Application Type(s): Specialty Alloy Valves, High Purity CleanFLOW, Three-Piece

Industry Type(s): Pharmaceutical, Chemical, BioTech

Material Type(s): Hastelloy

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