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N8 BN8 Overview

N8 Ball Valve

The SVF Series N8 three-piece ball valves represent the next generation in design and performance for Steam and Thermal fluid applications. These valves have been engineered to meet all of the industry standards for quality and high performance. The valves feature rich design, safety, reliability and superior performance to any process control system.

  • Three-Piece Ball Valve for Steam & Thermal Fluid Service, Standard Port, Sizes 1/4" ~ 3"
  • SupraLon™ seats specifically designed for high temperature, steam and thermal fluids
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad for easy actuation
  • Three-piece "Swing-Out" design offers easy access for in-line maintenance
  • Blowout proof stem adds safety & reliability
  • Live-loaded stem packing ensures seal-tight pressure containment under thermal cycling
  •  Encapsulated body seals to facilitate welding without disassembly

Series Type(s): Process-Quality Series

Application Type(s): Three-Piece, High Performance, Steam

Industry Type(s): Chemical, Oil & Gas

Material Type(s): Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

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Product Specs

ISO Type(s):
ISO 5211
Body and Stem seal:

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