7B41 Ball Valve

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7B41 Ball Valve

Chemical Applications

7B41 Ball Valve

The SVF Series 7B41 flanged ball valves are designed specifically for Hydrogen Peroxide service. The materials of construction have been selected to meet the specific needs of Hydrogen Peroxide and the valve internals are designed to eliminate areas of entrapment where decomposition may occur.
  • Flanged Ball Valve, ANSI Class 150, Full Port, 1/2” ~ 8” for Hydrogen Peroxide Service
  • 316 Stainless Steel cast materials are passivated for H2O2 applications
  • All valves are cleaned, bagged and sealed according to ASTM G-93 to remove contaminants
  • An upstream vented ball provides pressure relief in the “Open” or “Closed” position
  • Permanently affixed flow arrow ensures pressure relief alignment with process design
  • Built-In ISO 5211 direct mounting pad for easy actuation
  • Inspection & Testing according to API 598
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