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08.18.2021 | Company Updates

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Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls, two well established brands with 100-plus years of combined experience, have joined forces to offer customers one reliable source for all their residential, commercial and industrial needs. Matco-Norca is the leading supplier of globally sourced, code-compliant plumbing & PVF products; SVF Flow Controls is a leading manufacturer of valves, actuators and controls for industrial applications.

The partnership expands Matco-Norca’s line of industrial product offerings and provide applications in new industries such as chemical, biotech, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, food & beverage, oil & gas, refining and other industries globally. Together they are able to serve the entire market and provide customers with various solutions.

In a time when companies are struggling– both are expecting growth in 2021. It seems that the industry is also rebounding after a tough year. “We are very thankful that our business was only down marginally and is scheduled for growth in 2021,” says Phillip Lewis, VP of Commercial Sales at Matco-Norca. “It was refreshing to hear that our distributors were saying the same thing,” adds Lewis. In lieu of annual conferences, the sales teams just completed several weeks of “virtual” customer calls where clients shared their positive stories of growth.
Both Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls are investing into their infrastructures making improvements to help customers and end users. Projects include website redesigns with enhanced user experience and technology and system upgrades. “We will be announcing several innovative (online) tools to help our customers save time, expand their sales offerings and improve their processes,” says Brian Jennings, VP of Industrial Sales.
Most recently they added a senior member to the team to oversee marketing for both Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls. Amy Zucchi-Justice has 20 plus years of experience spending the last 10 in the digital space, with a focus on commercial construction. “Her background aligns well with the areas we have identified for growth and the projects that surround them.” informs Jack McDonald, CEO of Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls.

The industry is evolving and Matco-Norca plans to be at the forefront making sure their 16,000 skus are easily accessible to the end user. Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls have a team devoted to new products that regularly add to their offerings. One of the recent innovative additions is the quick connect feature on the Leverage Faucet line. The quick connect allows customers to install the faucet in under a minute. “I sat on our recent customer calls and when Fred Grewen, our Director of Faucets & Plumbing Specialties demonstrated the quick connect feature on the Leverage Faucet, everyone on the call was captivated—he was able to show how easy it was to install and “drilled down” into the nuts and bolts of why,” informs Amy Zucchi-Justice.

Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls remain committed to serving the needs of their customers and the end user. Together they are able to take that to the next level. To learn more about Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls, visit their websites, or