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With so much online noise, it is hard to break through to reach customers. Having a balanced marketing strategy is crucial yet social media is often viewed as the red-headed stepchild in a company’s marketing mix. Done correctly, social media increases product awareness, engagement, and website traffic. It’s also a great way to improve customer service by addressing issues and providing solutions quickly.

This interactive Webinar is exclusively for Matco-Norca and SVF Flow Controls rep agencies and customers.
Content Includes:
• Best practices
• Benefits of combined efforts
• Success Stories
• Creating engaging posts
• Tagging
• Important reports

Together we can increase engagement, escalate product visibility, and position ourselves for growth.

Amy Zucchi, Director of Marketing, Matco-Norca & SVF Flow Controls
Tosha Everhart, Brand Manager, Morgan Miller Plumbing
Mason Briscoe, Inside Sales Specialist, Champions Marketing
Taylor Elliott, Inside Sales Specialist, Champions Marketing